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Learn Dutch

Students from Israel and Germany of the advanced group who have received their diplomas. 



Learning Dutch:

  • through the method called "TPRS" : Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. This is a trademark from an American teacher called Blaine Ray. 
    By the TPRS-method students learn new words and grammar through small stories made up by the teacher through asking questions and answers from the students. By storytelling the student will remember better new learned words and grammar. The students will replay the story in different ways by word-games, plays, writing excerices or using the new learned words by movietalk videos. For more information about TPRS, you can google TPRS.


  • for private lessons I use the Dutch method called "Nederlands in gang" and use my TPRS technics.

  • reading Dutch texts from news papers, books, stories the students have made together with the teacher.

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