Fees Dutch course

Group lessons:
10 lessons of one hour a week for 185,- ( interview is for free). You buy a pass for 10, 20 or 30 lessons. A school year consists of 3 blocks of 10 lessons. Of course it is possible to do one block.
A 10% discount applies if you buy 20 lessons at once. A 15% discount applies if you buy 30 lessons at once.
Dutch Expat School follows the rules of the Dutch government for battling the COVID-19 virus. If you are having a cold or showing other symptoms, you need to stay at home or test yourself on COVID-19. That's why we have decided to work with a 'punch card' as a result whereof you will not lose any lesson entitlements when you are not coming. 
Private lessons:
one hour a week 45,-
Lessons on location:
group and private lessons ( prices see above ) + travelcosts