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On the photo:

(Above) some of the students, who have received a diploma of the Dutch beginners course. They come from Brazil, America and Austria. (Photo Right) Some students from America, Canada and Chili.

Vision of Dutch Expat School Wassenaar: 
The teacher listens carefully to her students and ensures that they feel at ease. The students will speak the Dutch language without being ashamed. Not being afraid to speak a foreign language is one of the main goals of Dutch Expat School Wassenaar. When you are not afraid to speak a foreign language you will use the learned vocabulary and grammar in daily 'Dutch' practice situations. 
The lessons will be taken place in a Dutch surrounding, with Dutch coffee and Dutch cookies.
There is a group-maximum of 8 persons. So in a small group you have the opportunity to speak a lot of Dutch.
There is no pressure, it is low threshold because of the small groups, the TPRS-method and the homely atmosphere. You can find more information about the method 'TPRS' on internet. Just google TPRS
ASH studenten.JPG
verhaal geschreven door cursist.jpg

Both stories were written by students after having 16 lessons of one hour a week

verhaal geschreven door cursist 2.jpg
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